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The House of Special Purpose
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Peter & I are proud to announce the publication of our first Kindle ebook via Workshop Lo-Vi Editions: THE HOUSE OF SPECIAL PURPOSE. We're dipping our toes in the publishing water here, so if you feel inclined to help us get the word out please do. It's not an exact science, but it has been fun.

THE HOUSE OF SPECIAL PURPOSE was written almost two decades ago when I was living in Houston, and it has been unpublished until now. The story in verse focuses on the last days of the Romanov family during the Russian Revolution of 1918, and addresses loss, unrequited affections, and the violent machinations of history. The book features the original illustrations by Mr. Chang that were done in 2000 while we were living in Tucson.

Available as a Kindle ebook via Amazon:

Sample pages can be viewed here: