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Everything Beautiful is Far Away [2, 2013 | Vol. 10]
Everything Beautiful is Far Away [May 2012 to February 2013]

Well, it is done & double done once & for all:  The big ol' glorious mess that is EVERYTHING BEAUTIFUL IS FAR AWAY (my collaborative novel with Peter I. Chang) can now be read in full, from beginning to end, via the Issuu site: http://issuu.com/lo-vi/docs.

It is a free read, and each volume of the serialized novel features exclusive artwork & music from the likes of Moby, Tsutomu Nakayama, Fights Monsters, Pleq, IP (Identity Problem), Caitlin Kirkley, DJ Terrapin, Chemical Tapes, Wind In Willows, Incompetech, Adriana Pasley, and The Ghost of Mendelsshon.

February's edition is not only the grand finale issue but also double in length, and features chapters 25 to 29 in the waning saga of young Samuel Chu. February's musical contribution comes from The Chemical Tapes label and features "Startide Whisper" by Wind In Willows, along with new graphics by Peter I. Chang and photographs by yours truly:

At some point Chang & I will figure out what the long-term plans are for the novel, though for the time being the free serialized version is how we'll make it available. So, please, enjoy, and let us know what you think if you feel so inclined.