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Magnolia, A Journal of Women's Socially Engaged Literature, Volume II is here!
Magnolia, Volume II

This week I celebrated the release of the second volume of a series dedicated to women's socially engaged literature. It was such an honor to work on this collection, and to be a part of a movement returning to our literature the possibility of influencing change in our world. Women around the globe are longing to tell their stories, to share their triumphs, hardships and pains. Reading this collection, you enter their spaces, their minds, their hearts.

Here's the summary from the back of the book:

The stories and poems in this second volume of women s socially engaged literature reveal the world around us with piercing clarity. From the streets of Manhatten to the shores of India and Turkey, the writers in this collection take us around the globe. Whether it's a parent dealing with the loss of a child in war, a teacher struggling to prepare her students with only limited resources, or a young midwife finding her voice in the fight for women's health, the twenty-nine works included in this collection hold a mirror upon some of the most critical issues of our time. Personal and inspiring, these stories are sure to engage readers for years to come.

The book is avaiable through the Institute of Arts and Social Engagement bookstore, as well as Amazon.