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Musings of a schizoid writer...too many genres...April 19, 2008

Saturday, April 19, 10:58AM - CURRENT PROJECT: The Breton & The General

The sun is out...ok, it's Oregon, so it's not now.

I cleaned my workspace this morning...a sure sign of procrastination. I can always tell if I'm struggling with the next scene when my desk is clean...Matt nudges me gently.

"Honey, your desk looks awfully clean..."

"Quiet, you!"

I go online to one of my hundreds of websites and do "promo", step two in the procrastination cycle. Justification: "Everyone will know who I am, damn it!" I just won't have anything for them to read...

The guilt finally sinks in...back to work...God! I'm editing my blog post. How lame is that! :(