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Anchors Away - There's The Rub

The End. 

I just typed those words on the revised manuscript of THERE'S THE RUB (the first volume of the As You Wish series, to be in stores October 2009.)  Completing the revisions was an interesting experience for me.

I wrote THERE'S THE RUB while I was still working full time in the library.  The final chapters were a tremendous push to complete; I'd spent a lot of time on the road, and my travel disrupted my usual writing discipline and style.  I *liked* the ms when I delivered it, in my totally burnt-out state, but I didn't love it.

My editor read the work and wrote me her usual thoughtful edit letter.  In there, she put her finger directly on a couple of my lingering concerns.  I phoned her, and we talked about ways to address the issues.  She said things like, "I'd really like to see more X throughout the novel" and "Character Y would be more interesting if we understood more about hir motivation."  She never said, "Do this.  Do that.  Write this book the way *I* would have written it."

And so I reworked bits, in ways that made sense to *me*.  I spent nearly three full weeks of writing time on the revisions.  (To put that in perspective, I have written entire novels in the equivalent number of hours.)  I wove in entire scenes.  I inserted lines of dialog that fleshed out backstory.  I provided some X, and I enriched Y.

I liked what I had done.  But I set it aside for a few weeks - another luxury of writing full time.  I played with the Trunked Novel Project.

And on Monday, I took out THERE'S THE RUB and started reading through it with (relatively) fresh eyes.  I got through Chapter 5 before I remembered the rather major changes I'd made in structure in Chapters 2 through 4.  The new, revised novel *flowed*.

I love it now.

And it has worked its way through the ether, to take its place in my editor's inbox.

Happy Labor Day weekend, to all about to observe it in the States!

Mindy, who will spend today clearing the decks, before dipping back into the Trunked Novel Project.