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So I'm trying my hand at writing after more than 6 dry years and the loss of every written word I ever had. Without counting on my health problems(while numerous none life threatening), here I am.

I have started NaNoWriMo 2008 with out reason and more than a little fear.

I had actually planed what I was going to write, how many characters, plot and sub plotting, second hand characters. I was ready for battle....and then I dusted my old muse.

And It all went to hell. Not there Yet, is probably going to be the most neurotic, self center, wannabe story of all times.

I am going to Crash in a way that not even KnightRider the return can do.

All my careful planing has gone with the wind.

It is the 12th and I am only at 15.000 words.

This is also exam month for me which adds a certain desperation and lack of time and space.

I will finish this if only to bask on the glory of my damnation.