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MVmedia Update

It's been a hectic past few months. It began with a book party given by a close friend of mine, Scott Seydel. We had a great turnout and good conversation. Not long afterwards another good friend, Charles R. Saunders, (www.charlessaunderswriter.com) Posted an interview of me on his site which resulted in a few orders, most notably my first international orders! But Charles wasn't finished. He updated and posted his review on Blackgate (www.blackgate.com) which also netted a few more orders. Charles' interview also resulted in me being contacted by Deuce Richardson, a blogger from The Cimmerian. He blogged on MVmedia and my future projects. Like I said, it's been a hectic  few months.

I have some good things planned for next year. My writing is a labor of love, so it's supported by my sales and my own donations. If all goes well next year expect three more projects. I'm also working to make Meji Book One and Book Two available on Amazon and Barnes and Nobles. This is fun; stay tuned!