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Fayetteville, Georgia
Yes, for 25 years
Jun 2008

Born in North Carolina, raised in Columbus, GA, currently living in Fayetteville with my wife of 25 years, my son and my daughter. I'm a chemist by day and a writer/publisher by night and on the weekends. My goal is to publish science fiction and fantasy stories from an African American perspective, something uplifting, not saturated with the stigma of racism and slavery.


I write science fiction, fantasy and historical fiction. I emphasize black characters in all my works. I feel there is a lack of positive black characters in these markets, so I'm out to fill the void. Besides, they say write what you know, and I know myself pretty well, I think.

Upcoming Works

Currently all my works are self-published through my company, MVmedia, LLC. Meji Book One is my first novel, released this May. Meji Book Two will be releasede in December 2008, with Changa's Safari following in summer 2009. MetroForce, my first science fiction novel, will be released December, 2009. I have a few graphic novel projects that I hope will be ready by 2010, as well as a short story collection.

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Fishing, writing, working out