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Things that go Bump in the Quiet of Night

Remember when you were a kid and worried about every sound in the night? Maybe you were right…

All of our lives, most of us have heard (or listened for) sounds in the night. Some we might have been afraid of, some perhaps not. But what were those sounds, really? Oh, sure some have might have simply been branches scraping against the house or noisy cars driving by. But what if…what if …they were more?

Sounds in the night

1. Wind

2. Rain

3. Snow

4. Sleet

5. Ice breaking off (okay, it doesn’t much happen near California beaches but you never know)

6. The neighbor’s dog

7. The neighbor’s cat

8. The neighbor’s snake (yeah, I once had a neighbor who kept a pet boa constrictor – I hated that house)

9. The party next door

10. Axe murderers (somehow always worse that just the mundane killer with a gun)

11. Mass murderers

12. Zombies (hey, when you’re a kid and read something about zombies you’re convinced that they’re everywhere…and they probably are)

13. Dracula

14. The wolf man (unless it was the late Wolfman Jack who was one of the greatest radio personalities who ever lived. I met him once - what a guy. That howl of his could be heard on a clear channel radio station from Mexico and Texas and later from New York. Come to think of it, yeah, Wolfman Jack might have been pretty scary too in the wrong circumstances. I sure miss that guy).

15. Godzilla

16. Mothra

17. Any of the other dozens of monsters that Japanese filmmakers dreamed up (although they are also a bit humorous and very campy now)

18. Rabid dogs digging under the basement (weird friend – what can I say)

19. Dr. Frankenstein

20. Dr. Frankenstein’s monster

21. Any physician who is probably going to give you a shot tomorrow when your mother takes you to see him or her because school is about to start and you need those shots!

22. Teachers (just what do those evil people do at night after they leave school? Probably run home and suck the blood of little kids and practice staying mean by kicking things)

23. Zombies again (hey, there was this movie…)

24. Big snakes, small snakes, all snakes (can’t you just hear that slithering sound?)

25. Kidnappers

26. Brain stealers

27. Aliens from other worlds here to kidnap us and take us back to their world and use us as slaves (way too many comic books)

28. Mummies

The list goes on and on and on, but what the heck – if I don’t quit now even I’ll get bored and that’s never a good thing. But what is it about the night? It is bits of memory from our dim cave-dweller past? Is it just generic fear? Is it stuff we dream up to scare ourselves? Remember, we do like to be scared – just look at all the money-making horror films. But for now, those are enough horrific things that can, and indeed may, go bump in the night. How many have you heard? How many do you still hear? And just what is making noise under that bed of yours…

© 2008 MPB