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Forensic odontology was dealt yet another opportunity to help families who’ve lost a loved one bring closure yesterday in West, Texas. When I first caught the name of the town where the explosion occurred, I thought it was a misprint. What city in the west part of Texas? The West Fertilizer...
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Even though you’d find it hard to believe, I am not employed by the Jackson Hole Visitor’s Bureau. It just happens to be one of the most beautiful places on earth! That’s why Karen and I have to make a regular trek out for our Rocky Mountain fix. Snuggled right up against an edge of Yellowstone...
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When Nashville, Tennessee, is referred to as Music City, USA, there are some real reasons behind that claim. During the first two weeks of June each year, our fair city, and the surrounding counties extending down to Manchester, put on a show for just about any type of music lover. For the...
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