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When do I write?

Is this driving anyone else nuts? I love - I live - to write. I've been reasonably successful in writing forums and in competitions - OK. But now I have to do Face book and and I have to tweet.? Tweet?

I just started writing for e-book publication and I've had some nice reviews. Now I'm advised that I have to place myself in the cyber-community in order to get noticed. Do I? I'm on a learning curve with Wordpress and it's taking for ever. When do I get time to write?

Like a number of people, I've retired from a very active life and now I want to write. I've lived in four continents, through earthquake, tsunami and coups - quite a lot of coups - and I have some funny stories to tell. But, damn it, it took me an hour amd twenty minutes to manage my face book account this morning - and I don't think I'm being stalked at all. I'm urged to tweet - lord love a duck - which is a sort of telegram. I have enough trouble managing clauses and semi-colons.

Short of employing an amanuensis, what the heck can I do to simplify my life and make time for writing?