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The Jublilee Plot
Reviews The second in the Sherlock Holmes/Young Winston trilogy not only lives up to the excellence of the first novel in the series, it exceeds it. The dialogue is perfect and has a nice line in humour, but natural, never forced. The plot is as good as anything I have read this year, complex, but...
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The Deadwood Stage
Series Review There are few if any better pastiche writers at work at the present time....and if you are thinking of writing one yourself, then use these three books as a template, you would not go wrong. Thrills, quite, quite wonderful dialogue between the main characters, well, to be honest...
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Murder on the Impulsive
Book 3 in the Sherlock Holmes: The Skull of Kohada Koheiji novelettes series. In this third story of the first series, Holmes has to deal with a vampire infesting a Royal Navy battleship at anchor in the Thames. Told in the classic style, with Doctor Watson narrating, we see Holmes faced with...
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  Just found this letter from young Winston to his mother in the Jubilee year in the Churchill Archives Centre, Cambridge. He mentions his desire to see the Jubilee procession and the Wild West Show, with Buffalo Bill, as in my Sherlock Holmes and Young Winston - The Deadwood Stage. Life...
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Can you tell the difference? Posted on March 13, 2013 by Roisterdoister   I found an article in a little-known periodical from the turn of the century that offered its readers A Day with Dr Arthur Conan Doyle. Imagine my astonishment when I saw that the lead photo showed Doyle and his wife...
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Sherlock Holmes and Young Winston: The Jubilee Plot is now available on ebook and as a paperback from Red Room and MX Publications. Click the image below for US Amazon. A review by Davis Ruffle, author of the acclaimed Lyme Regis Trilogy and other Sherlock Holmes books. Holmes and Watson team up...
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Sherlock Holmes and Young Winston - The Deadwood Stage is out available on ebook and in paperback       Spring 1887   Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson find a cuckoo in their comfortable nest at 221B Baker Street when, after a chance encounter in Hyde Park, twelve-year-old...
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Undershaw - Conan-Doyle's Home The plan to save Undershaw, Arthur Conan-Doyle's home, is not just a Sherlockian project - although it is that; it is an attempt to save a wonderful building from rapacious developers. The house, left to fall apart by its Moriartian owners, can be saved, in the...
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I met a guy in the pub this evening who was a spy - actually a double agent - in the 60s. He was a diplomat recruited by the Russians at the British Embassy in Moscow, who spied on the communists instead of us: odd choice at the time of Ward, Mandy Rice-Davies, Christine Keeler, Blunt, Burgess...
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http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1780923228 Spring 1887. Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson find a cuckoo in their comfortable nest at 221B Baker Street when, after a chance encounter in Hyde Park, twelve-year-old Winston Spencer-Churchill is dumped on them by his far from doting mother, Lady...
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Murder, mania and a leech-powered weather machine: up to 4 million pages of historical newspapers now searchable online at britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk · Unparalleled access to a treasure trove of stories · Up to 4 million pages from the British Library’s newspaper collections · Will transform...
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  I added a couple of pages of possible topical interest – part of my research for my novel Penny for the Guy, Mr Olivier. These are a short survey of the Gunpowder Plot, and a page on penny for the guy. I’m happy to say that Penny for the Guy, Mr Olivier should be available in Kindle and...
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Is this driving anyone else nuts? I love - I live - to write. I've been reasonably successful in writing forums and in competitions - OK. But now I have to do Face book and and I have to tweet.? Tweet? I just started writing for e-book publication and I've had some nice reviews. Now I'm advised...
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Billy and Kes
Kes It’s more than 40 years since Barry Hines’ novel ‘Kes’ was made into a classic film by director Nikolai Foster. The story of a boy from a family of failures who finds his true passion in the care and training of a kestrel chick was a moving experience for people who were lucky enough to see it...
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