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Feb 2009

I have thirty years of diverse communications and media experience, including work as an actor in the mid-'70s; a decade of tour production with high profile artists including Journey, Bruce Springsteen, and Michael Jackson; creative communications projects for companies including Schwinn, Gatorade, and Wells Fargo; and served as creative director, senior writer, and editor for a North Bay business magazine and several small press publishers.

In August 2011 I posted an essay on Scribd, which was noticed and linked to by BoingBoing.net, the popular story and blog aggregator co-founded and edited by author Cory Doctorow. The essay, "Seven Years Later - an essay on an extraordinary event with lasting implications", has now been accessed from around the world by almost 25,000 readers. It recounts events leading to the day seven years ago when a paraplegic teenager from Northern California, with the assistance of his attorney and thousands of people around the country, attempted to purchase the assets of a gun manufacturer that had gone into bankruptcy to avoid paying the teen a record $24 million judgment.

My commentary has aired on National Public Radio's All Things Considered, and my book, The Way to Communicate, was published in October 2010 by Portsmouth Publishing. An excerpt from my novel in-progress was featured in the premier issue of Thrice Fiction magazine last March (www.thricefiction.com). I'm currently working on a book about the woman who founded the country's first wild horse sanctuary. I occasionally blog here at Red Room and at www.thewaytocommunicate.wordpress.com

I volunteer with the Golden Gate Raptor Observatory as a hawkwatcher, tracking annual West Coast raptor migrations, and with the American Red Cross.

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