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What’s in a name? Well…
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I remember when I was starting up my writing/teaching/editing business in Southern California — and how, with everything else that had to be done, what drove me the most insane was choosing a name. With the help of friends, family, alcohol-soaked brainstorming sessions (a few sober ones, too), and random surveys, I came up with Metropolitan Writing Works, with the domain MetroWriting.com.

That’s a lot better than Pen Island, whose domain is penisland.com. Yikes. (Then again, I’m sure that site saw a lot more traffic than Metro Writing ever did.)

This article shows some of the reasons why we really do need to stress over a name more than just about anything else (and also be aware that if something seems just fine in one language, it may be quite the opposite in another). Check it out for yourself — and keep this in mind when you’re thinking of titles for your novel.



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Pure gold

"Pen Island."