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Presenting the Best 100 Writers Ever…
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…according to This Recording (compiled by Will Hubbard and Alex Carnevale).

While these lists always include at least a few authors we can all agree on, what I often find more interesting than the lists are the questions and comments that follow, among them here: who should have been on the list and wasn’t, why Emily Brontë and Charlotte Brontë share the #58 spot rather than each having a spot of their own (of the best 100 writers, this compilation includes only about a dozen women), and the controversy over the writer in the #1 spot.

The comments are an interesting view into the hearts and minds of today’s readers — and in some ways this is good and bad. I’m assuming whoever wrote that Harry Potter should be included was joking (Harry being a fictional character and all), but it’s nice to see an appreciation for the great non-Western writers that could have been included, as well as a few left-out Americans.

Enjoy the list…and especially the post-list commentary.

Link to this list on Midge's blog: http://www.midgeraymond.com/blog/