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You And Me  Long ago I gave you my hand And promised my heart with a golden band. And today, when I look into your eyes The depth of our love still takes me by surprise.   Together we are one; alone, only but a half. When I joke, you can’t help but laugh. When you cry, I can’t help but weep. Even our souls touch while we sleep.   I am grounded by your seriousness...
THE AMERICAN TRADITION  I need more information, Or at least some confirmation That my fears are groundless And my freedom is still boundless.   Today our politicians plot and scheme To subvert our Founding Fathers’ dream, To put asunder all their grand ideals And bury us in shady bailout deals.   Is it audacious to hope for restoration Of conservative principles...
GOD BLESSED US WITH ANGELS  You are the storybook readers And the starry-eyed cheerleaders Who rocked us to sleep, And gave us bright futures to keep.   You offered your shoulders to weep upon And even more often to stand on, Both comforting and strong, Judging neither right nor wrong.   The lessons of childhood return, And it’s easy for us to discern It’s the...
You came to me in my dreams, And stayed ‘til I woke, it seems. We snuggled, two nested spoons. I blinked, you flew to the moon.   You’re in my thoughts today, An undercurrent to all I say. You roam the back of my mind, Leaving footprints I can’t find.     From the corner of my eye, I see you wave goodbye. Your shadow beside me still, My tears threaten to...