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My Life in Dreams

I’m wondering about dreams. I’ve had some crazy ones lately, and my sister says I should be keeping a journal. I would, if I could figure out what the journal would do for me. From childhood, I have always had vivid, very detailed, intense dreams. I love them! Every night is an adventure. Last night, I dreamed that Rudolph Valentino was a prankster ghost in my mother’s house, but no one could see him except me and one of my girlfriends. It was hilarious! Another time, I was a pirate in an incredibly beautiful tropical paradise where the water was turquoise and the houses on the shore were pink, orange, and yellow with green roofs. Very often, boats are involved. I’m  slipping across crystal-clear bays lined with broken pieces of china, rocking at anchor while dolphins play around me, running aground, or tumbling over the edge of a dam in rough waters.


Though I’m most often myself in my dreams, I’ve also been a mother (which I’m not in real life), a man, a clown, a young African-American child, and a twin. And that’s just a sampling. Like everyone, I dream of not being able to find my locker or my classroom or the book report that was due yesterday. I have found myself sitting in class in my underwear – hasn’t everyone? I am frequently hunting for something I’ve lost, and I’m just too sleepy to climb the stairs or walk to the kitchen or drive the car to go find it. I fall asleep in odd places in my dreams.


My favorite dream is the one where I fly, with my arms extended out from my sides, soaring high, high, high up above the city at night. It’s exhilarating! I rarely have nightmares any more, though I did die in one dream when my truck was pushed off a cliff, and I woke up once screaming at the top of my lungs, “I believe in Jesus! I believe in Jesus!” as I fled from some really scary demons.


My dreams used to be about work. Mundane stuff. In college, I worked part-time as a checkout clerk at a convenience store, and I spent my sleep-time ringing up sales of milk, tampons, beer and chips. Later, I dreamed about boring corporate meetings. The really wild dreams ramped up after I quit the rat race five years ago and started living a much simpler, calmer lifestyle. I must be relaxed enough now that my imagination can really do its best work.


I wouldn’t trade these night-time travels for anything, and I feel so sorry for people who say they never dream. I wish for all of you dream-filled nights full of magic journeys.

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They come so vivid to me

They come so vivid to me that I truly wouldn't want to wake up! I loved the Rudolf Valentino one, Mickie. And I do read dreams, though I was told by someone that one should not do so because if the dreams are bad then by analysing them you take on the onus. As though taking on Valentino would be a burden at all :)