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Valencia film premiere


(From kqed.org's review of the Frameline, LGBT International Film Festival)

Topping our list is the much-anticipated film adaptation of local author Michelle Tea's queercore classic Valencia, a loving snapshot of the lesbian literary underground that took root in San Francisco's Mission District in the late 1990s. Frankly, no one is more adorable than Tea, with the possible exception of the 18 women (and a couple of men) who portray her in the movie. With the magic mushroom-fueled mantra, "If nothing matters and everything matters, none of us could ever fuck up," Tea shares her open-minded (and open-hearted) lust for the lusty life, capturing the exuberant dyke energy of that particular time and place with anarchic humor and wit. (Rarely does a notion pass through her head that isn't immediately pursued or put into quirkily poetic words.) The filmmaking is exuberant, with a collage style mirroring both SF's fertile underground film traditions and the DIY ethos of the community portrayed. Do not miss the world premiere; it is going to be one hell of a party.

UPDATE: VALENCIA's World Premiere and East Bay screenings are SOLD OUT, but a third screening was just announced at the Castro, 4pm Monday June 24th!

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Nov.29.2007 - 5:36 pm
I wanted to try things—everything—especially things that are illegal and have a whiff of glamour. –Me, quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle, August 25th, 2004
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