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Reaching the Goal

“Patience is not passive waiting.

Patience is active acceptance of the process required to attain your goals and dreams.”

~Ray Davis

For as long as I can remember, setting goals has been my way of life.

Some of my earliest remembrances of setting goals centered on learning the alphabet, my numbers, my time tables, states of the Union - you name it. I set goals concerning not only by what day of the week I would finish a book, but of how many books I would read in a week or a month. Though my goals for growing so many inches in a year never seemed to materialize (I'm 5'2" on my tip toes), I did manage to teach all the other goals I set.   

Today I'm happy to report that my goal of completing a PhD in higher education administration is well within sight.

I've more than exceeded my goal of 13 participants, (but I'm happy to interview more - the women's stories are fascinating!).

 I'm now setting the goal of analyzing my data and writing Chapters 4 & 5 - all within the next seven weeks.

Ambitious? Quite. But it's only a goal - and goals are made to be reached - no, exceeded, right?

Wish me luck! Thanks in advance for your support.

Join in the Fray: What goals have you recently reached?

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