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Living in the moment is important; writing for the moment is not.  Good writers give their writing staying power.  That is, they work to make sure that what they write sounds as current to a reader today as it will to a reader in twenty years. There is a tendency among some writers (and I lay...
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There are so many lovely words in the English language, aren't there?  Quixotic, erudite, tenebrous...  All those lovely adverbs and adjectives just waiting to be used by the likes of us.   Like shopping in an exquisite candy store, sometimes it's difficult to reign ourselves in.  (Besides, unlike...
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If you're like me, the moment you finish writing a story (or a novel, or a poem, or whatever), you want to dash off a thousand queries to a thousand markets in the hope that one will accept it.  There's something about typing the words 'The End' at the bottom of the last page that make me want to...
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First, something fun. National Public Radio is hosting another writers' competition. This one has to do with writing titles. In honor (well, kind of) of the late Robert Ludlum, NPR is asking listeners to tweet their attempts at the worst possible title for a spy movie. In order to read the...
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It's been so long since I've last written that when I tried to enter the Blogspot site, I was sent to the login page. It's like being asked for your ID at the neighborhood bar. But to be fair, I haven't written in a while. Sometimes summer just gets in the way. Well, I'm back with a few new ideas...
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I knew fairly early on after completing my novel that I wanted to publish with a small press. I'd run the gauntlet of submitting to major publishing houses before and, having some idea of the massive slushpiles and phenomenally long response times, didn't feel up to the task this time around....
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