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Summers Past

Summers past

Summer is one of my favorite times of year; I love the sunshine, the warmth on my skin, the long light days when you can squeeze so much more out of this beautiful life.  Summer is the time when most people take a well deserved holiday as it’s the season when the schools break up for a long period of time. 

Everyone seems to smile more as they move towards their holiday period, energy levels seem to restore at the thought of some well deserved down time and everyone seems to have a sparkle in their eye and a freedom of spirit when they have returned after having some quality time out from their hectic work schedules or grueling routines.

Long summer days remind me of my childhood and the freedom that came with the summer, being allowed to stay out late, the long school holidays; it makes me feel very nostalgic when I spend time thinking about it. My birthday falls in the summer and I have such happy and vivid memories of idyllic summers spent with my family and friends, blowing out the candles on my birthday cake and enjoying being outside and exploring nature and not having any concept of time.

I try to transport myself back in time to those long lazy summer days, when I am finding life a little on the difficult side; the summer seems to shift my focus away from the negative and into a positive state of awareness.  This principle works brilliantly for me when it is getting towards the end of winter and I am tired of the cold dark mornings, I think of summer and the sun rises in my mind and lightens my mood.

I have recently returned from a break away with my family, we had one week in Portugal but because of quality time spent together as a family it actually felt like we had been away for a month.  My mobile phone was turned off as soon as I got on the plane, we had no internet access, no newspapers, no TV, our time was stretched out by not having any of those distractions and we really made the most of the time that we had.  I read some light hearted books, enjoyed watching my children playing  in the pool and spent quality time talking with my husband about what goals and dreams we both have for our future and also ironing out the things that we want to do with our time right now, I call this, living in the moment!  Sometimes we get so caught up in our plans for the future or our regrets from our past that we actually don’t stop to live in the present, the only time that really counts in life is right now!

I wrote a poem while I was away on holiday, we were driving back to our villa after a beautiful day/evening and I wanted to capture the essence of the moment and how I felt so I wrote this little poem I hope you like it.  Thank you for taking the time to read my blog if you have got to this point!  Time really is precious so don’t wish it away by thinking about your tomorrows, enjoy your present and keep summer in your heart on the darkest of winter days.


Summer is about to leave me once more,

but still I want it to last for longer each year.

I want to feel the warmth on my skin,

 and sip chilled wine into the small evening.

I want to feel the breeze in my hair,

 and drink in the fragrance from the warm summer air.

The stars in the sky are starting to come out and play,

and my heart is racing from the happiness I bare.

Life is magical even after pain,

 if you concentrate on all the love, around that you feel.

After sorrow always follows joy,

but you must expect an outcome, before it will reach your door.

Summer is a reminder of the ripeness of life,

autumn leaves fall to make room for new life.

Winter comes and the harshness prevails,

but the snowdrops are an indicator, that ‘life’ it must change.

The spring is the start of a new chapter in life,

 the green buds on the trees, make me happy about new life.

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Yes, life..

Life is indeed magical after pain. Perhaps that's when we relish each day..

Yes! You are back and writing, good for you!


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Relish each day!

Hi Lesie

Thanks for your encouragement! I'm happy to be writing, I would like to create more time, so that I can write more often. My books almost finished so I'm delighted about that. I will send you a copy when its complete, to say thank you for your encouragement, you have helped me gain confidence with my writing.

Kind regards

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Thank you

Excellent! I look forward to reading it...