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Jan 2012

I am a Hemapoetic Stem Cell Transplant Survivor and Leukemia (AML) patient.  There are very few books published on this topic, those that are remain best sellers, although surely outdated.  My dream since I was a little girl was to become an author.  Diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous at age 35, I am proud to say I am a survivor.  I am compelled to share my outrageous story to help those living with blood cancers. 

I am a Leukemia Lymphoma Society volunteer, (first connection) I speak to those in my shoes and find it very rewarding.  This experience has also enlightened me, just as much as survival has. 

The allogenic stem cell transplant I endured was not only cutting edge but risky, I felt so alone.  I craved survival stories, and found very few.

I am currently 40 years old and still plugging away, my goal, to become the author of: Persevere, My Stem Cell Story.


Michele Scarano-Harland


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