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Saying No To Resolutions, Saying Yes To Life

New Year’s resolutions have never had much appeal for me. I find them vaguely annoying and Puritanical. I’ll lose weight, I’ll stop smoking, I’ll drink less, I’ll pay off my credit cards, I’ll clean my closets, I’ll exercise, I’ll exercise more, I’ll spend less time on Facebook, I’ll watch less TV, I’ll clean my messy desk and stay on top of my filing.

It’s all so negative.

My philosophy is that when we focus on good things, pleasurable and interesting and engaging things, most of life falls into place. If I were to make resolutions at this time of year they’d be like this: I will listen to more music, I will dance more, I will attend more art shows, I will see more plays, I will be in more parades, I’ll pick more flowers, I’ll invite more friends to dinner, I’ll sing more, I’ll read more poetry, I’ll wear more velvet, I’ll smile at more strangers, I’ll visit more farms, I’ll kiss more cats and nuzzle more dogs and spend more time watching hummingbirds and maybe I’ll even ride a horse. I will subscribe to more magazines and buy even more books than I already do. 

When I’m happy, it is easy to be responsible. I can’t spend all evening at my computer if I’m at a play or dancing or entertaining friends. Engaging with the world and its myriad delights leaves a lot less time for bad habits. If I were forced to make one resolution, I guess it would be that I'll have more fun, in every way.