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I know this is posted under reviews, but I am so excited about it, I am posting it here also.



by Michael Saunders



Watch out people, there’’s a new writing sheriff in town, & his name is Michael Saunders.
Being a firm believer that everything comes to you for purpose, I wasn’’t all that surprised when Michael’’s book arrived via MySpace. The Universe still works in mysterious ways, & the virtual world is simply one of them.

I have enjoyed a few Louis Lamour & Zane Grey books in my day, having lived in the Southwest for so many years, but had gotten away from the genre as of late. Then comes the blazing story of ‘‘Ghosthunter’’, & I am donning my 6 shooters & tightening my bodice. Honestly, I was not prepared to be so taken away by this Cherokee tale of rites of passage, spirituality of the Native American, and the downright scariness of our shadowed, supernatural dark-side. It’’s a page-turner folks……

The opening pages of the book, caught my attention post haste. The principal character, Ned, is a young man involved in a Vision Quest…… taking himself apart from the tribe for a period of fasting & praying, in an effort to discover his calling & purpose. Can’’t tell you anymore, it would give it away. Having been involved in SpiritQuests, I know the power of these ventures.
Saunders is well versed in his Native American rituals, ways, & meanings of the Cherokee people. I came away with a feeling of having gained more knowledge of the people of my ancestry.

This eBook can be purchased online through the Kindle Store of amazon.com, or synergebooks.com. I purchased the cd rom version, but it is available as a download.
I think all our readers will fully enjoy the flavor of a historical novel for a change of pace.
I am looking forward to reading more from this amazing writer.

Happy Reading!
Rev Dr Sandra Gaskin