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Raven Mocker is a contemporary native American supernatural thriller set on the Cherokee Indian reservation in North Carolina. Raven Mockers are the most evil of conjurers within Cherokee culture. They live to a very old age by adding the last days of the sick and dying by eating their hearts....
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The cover is done. Go to www.synergbooks.com and click on coming soon to see the cover for Raven Mocker
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My 2nd Novel, Raven Mocker, s in the hands of my publisher. She has already accepted it and we are working on a Book Cover and editing it.
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Going to St. L. for two weeks, to visit my daughters and grand-daughter,(whom I've never met.), I will complete the editing?correction of Raven Mocker while there and send it to my publisher. Looking forward to the trip even though I am a small town country boy. LOL!
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I know this is posted under reviews, but I am so excited about it, I am posting it here also.   Ghosthunter by Michael Saunders     Watch out people, there’’s a new writing sheriff in town, & his name is Michael Saunders.Being a firm believer that everything comes to you for...
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The editing is done, at last. Now I am making the changes to the computerized version and then it is off to my publisher. She already accepted it, soooooo I have two novels published in the same year. I;m feeling so good right now.
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My web pages is up and running and already sold a book. Go to http://www.crawldog.com/michaelsaundersauthor and check it out. Let me know what you think.
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I'm still not sure about this site, but it does seem that people are checking out my page from time to time. I am reading Night Shift  by King. I read it when it first came out and it seems so much better this time around. I am working on editing a novel that has been accepted by my publisher. I am...
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I'm still new to the Red Room and I'm learning my way around. I will try and come here every daay. My second novel is in the edit stage and my publisher wants it. So things are taking off.
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