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Writing Rules

I watch for tips that illuminate how I can improve as a writer.  Actually, I hunt them, subscribing to many newsletters and visiting blogs and zines. I add the tips, suggestions, insights and references I find most illuminating to a Word document that I call, "Writing Rules". The Rules also include reminders to myself about motivation, discipline, and traps about my writing habits and style I have discovere.

I added one new find today, from StoryFix.com. The article was about sentence structure and present participles. It highlighted an area where I make mistakes. One commenter called it the " - ing" disease. Another noted that, as an English teacher, he sees this in his students as they try to vary sentence structure and avoid beginning every sentence with a pronoun. 

Good tips. I've added it to my awareness. Now I need to excercise the awareness as I write, edit, and revise.