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When Shameless Flirts Collide

Savannah is returned to her Beanery job as barrista. She and I are shameless flirts. We have a lot of fun with it. We recognize one another as flirts. We mean nothing. It's the same with Debra the bar maid, Jennafay, Linda, a few others. We enjoy flirting and as shameless flirts, we have the most fun flirting with other flirts. 

We know we appreciate one another and enjoy the banter. Others don't seem to understand that. I know it, too, from experience. I witness it even now. "Boy, those girls behind the counter really like one," one friend said. He's close enough that I replied, "Actually, they're women. We're just flirting." "Sorry, right, women, old habits, didn't mean to offend anyone but you're right. Seems like they like flirting with you more than most." "That's because I flirt back." "Yeah, but they flirt more with you."

Maybe it's because we're shameless. I'm sorry but my flirting is an addiction that I can't drop. I like how it makes me feel, watching them laugh and react, and I enjoy their reaction when they make me laugh. A little flirting does wonders to raise my energy and improve my mood. Really, that's what we need, an online flirting site. 

I wonder what the business model would look like?