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Trash Day

Trash day has arrived again, as it has every Tuesday, every other Tuesday for recycling. They've changed the pick up day from Monday to Tuesday in our zone, which I like. I didn't dislike putting the trash out on Monday but I prefer Tuesday. Monday is the work week's start, the resumption of the week's activities and routines after the week end. There's a lot to do on Mondays. Tuesday is more accommodating. 

They've always required the trash to be put out 'by 6 AM'. Some people put it out the night before, but there is the bear, dog, cat, and raccoon problem of interfering with the trash so we put it out that morning. (I've been watching a lot of British television and like their use of 'interfering', especially sexually. "Has 'e been interfering with you sexually?")  

It used to be that we could wander out around 8, or even 9 and set out the trash for pick up because it wasn't picked up until about noon, but now the collection is done before 7:30. The first time caused a mad scramble around the neighborhood but we've all picked up on it now and have the new routine down (took about a month to learn). 

This morning as I set out the trash, soft rain was falling and light gray seeped into the sky. The rain felt warm in the quiet day break. I put out my can and stood, letting quiet, gentle warm rain fall on me, remembering my times as a youth, walking through the rain to school or to visit friends. There were less pressures of time and schedule then, less thoughts chugging through my brain, and the thoughts passing through left less of an imprint. So for a moment, again, the weather transported me back through time. 

The cats came up to see what I was doing, asking in several different inflections, "What are you doing?" I didn't respond, enjoying myself as I was, except to whisper, "Just a minute, kitties," and continued to stand there, getting a rain shower, smiling to myself.

A car's approach ended it. I mean, I'm standing there in the rain in my night clothes, smiling, with two cats beside me.

I didn't want to look like an idiot.