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One of the cooler features of having a garden is the ability to bartar.  

Our cherry tomato varieties and legacies are spectacular this year. The sweet 100s and grape tomatoes are particularly fab. Squash did well, too, but hey, it's squash. It remains useful for bartering and trading. 

Alas, the pumpkins are doing poorly. We don't know why. Strawberries are still going great, though.

Neighbor Walt simply likes spreading the wealth. No bartering needed for him. He's a master gardener, though, and has that magic ability for decades of farming and gardening that yields huge bounties of beautiful fruit. We end up with potatoes, cabbages, and pole beans from him. We didn't need his onions because we'd grown enough and are just finishing up last year's harvest, but I gaped at the size and beauty of his onions. White, yellow, purple...each were large, round and unblemished. He has a gift. He did have a failure with his squash this year so we were pleased to be his supplier for the squash, along with garlic.  

Others have raspberries and almonds for bartering. Most exciting for she who does the gardening, another offered her a 1 for 1 exchange, pints of tomatoes for pints of figs. Figs! The woman is a fig fiend. No other fruit delights her like figs. 

We are a bit disappointed that our neighbors, so magnanimous with their cherries and peaches this year, neglected to offer any of their fine marijuana crop. They were impressively ecstatic with the tomatoes and squash we gave them. Eyes all aglow, they kept saying, "Oh, wow, cherry tomatoes, oh, wow, they're so good, man I love cherry tomatoes. And squash! Oh, wow, squash! Yeah, yeah, I love squash."

He was so pleased and excited, and yet so mellow at the same time, sort of giggling as he gazed at the food. 

"He was very nice, wasn't he?" my female half asked. "He really seemed to like tomatoes and squash, didn't he?"

Oh, yes, he did....