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Today's Mantra ~ Thankful

This is the week of Thanksgiving in America.  On that Thursday, the expectation is that to celebrate this holiday, we'll all sit down and be thankful.  

Why wait for the holiday?  Thought since Christmas shopping begins earlier each year, being thankful should also start earlier this year.

No, that's facetiousness.  I'm being thankful today because I forget how good I have it.  I'm rebaselining all the things I have for which I'm thankful.  Also, by being thankful today, I'll already be a thankful mood on Thanksgiving.  

I'm working today but being in my thankful mood, I'm putting aside thoughts of business and commerce.  I've pushed politics and angst off the table.  The Writer is gagged and handcuffed, because, you know, he often forgets how much he has.  

There's a world of life, past and future, for which I'm thankful.  I'll just sit a while and contemplate them.