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Today's Mantra ~ Renew

I've been thinking about the Spring around the world - the Arab Spring, and the spring that Occupy Wall Street and other occupy efforts represent.  I decry the violence and death as it happens, especially from those that assume that rights are their's to assign to others, and work to ground out challenges from people seeking their rights, freedom and equality. People who have power often desire to stay in power.  They grow comfortable in their power and believe in their entitlements.  

They don't understand that the rest of us also believe in our entitlements, and that those entitlements include the right to equality, life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and a better life for our families, friends and nations.  

As a person in my situation, where the worst evil I often battle is the evil I inflict on myself, I can call for renewal every day.   

Renew is a good mantra.  It helps in the still of a moment to look at the day as a new day and think, renew my faith.

Renew my passion.

Renew my patience.

Renew my endurance.

Renew my dreams.

Renew my hopes.

Renew my beliefs.

Renew my strength. 

Some days I teeter on backsliding.  A little mantra to renew myself is just the tonic to strengthen myself and press on.