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Today's Mantra ~ Persevere

Ah, persevere.

My fickle lover, taunting me one day, drawing my ire, then supporting me, willing me on.

I have trouble quitting things.  It's my one weakness.  

I don't like quitting.  I don't quit.  I suspend work, put it on hold, promise to finish it later, but I don't quit. 

I've written about this before, how I admire the people who can cut their losses or make a tough decision and walk away.  I think they're braver and stronger than I am. 

I persevere.  I grit my teeth, set my jaw, narrow my focus and push on, and on, and on. Pain and dejection are stimulants.

Sometime I feel weary for it.  I feel perseverance's weight rounding my shoulders, injecting tension into my frame.  I bow, trying not to break.  

How long can I go?

But sometimes, at last, perseverance forces a break through.  Sunshine bursts out, blinding me with joy.  It's an addiction, to persevere and succeed.  

I can't give it up.  I need it, like my mocha.

I remember days like that and decide, no, I won't give up.  I won't quit.

I will persevere.


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Oh it's here again!  Another

Oh it's here again!  Another nice word that means many things!!  Alas, nothing happens by chance alone... just when I was toying about leaving or staying, peresevering or quitting... about an issue that has bogged me down, I think I just found the answer!  Thank you!

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Hey, Rina ~

I often notice how many of us on Redroom seem to be part of larger tides and energy. Is there some cosmic connection, the weaving of the fates, or are the plans being written by some giant hand?  

I'm pleased you found an answer and that my post helped you, as others and you have so often helped me.

Thank you for reading and commenting.  Cheers