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Today's Mantra ~ Peace and Patience

I am the mountain.  

I'm feeling pretty good about that.  Standing tall, I feel peaceful and ready for whatever happens next.  I need patience to achieve my manifest vision of being a forever writer.  I am a forever writer;  I just want that stamp of legitimacy that having other people read it might give me, and perhaps a little income from it to defray the Mexican Mochas costs.

I'm feeling peace and patience so I'm taking these feelings and absorbing them, remembering how they feel.  They may be needed on another day.  Work seems to cause irritation that calls for fortified doses of peace and patience.  So do many politicians and political issues.  Sometimes computers and printers also cause them, and a reserve of peace and patience is sometimes needed to cope with social injustice and inequality.  Other than those things, I'm peaceful and patient.

Looking forward to a week of writing, working, living and whatever else happens.  I'm excited about Wednesday.  A friend brewed his own black porter and has invited the Brains on Beer group over to tip a couple back and make our pronouncements.  Been a couple weeks since I've been with my beer peeps.  Being with them helps restore my sense of peace and patience.  They're humorous, intelligent helpful guys.  The beer also helps.

Been longer since I've been with my writing peeps.  Beckie is living the dream.  She's rearranged her life and working schedule to pursue writing a non-fiction book, renting a house up the mountain, in the forest by the woods for the purpose.  Carol has been MIA.  Russ has been off, traveling the country with his family and writing but now he's back and ready to re-engage.  Becky is down south in Costa Rica until Christmas.  I probably won't be able to meet with them again until next year.  Looking forward to it; their company is a great restorative.

So off I go, into the new day.  Peace and patience to you, wherever you go, whatever you do.