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Today's Mantra ~ Don't Panic!

Thinking about what to do and what not to do this morning, and what needed to be done and what had to be done but hadn't been doing but which I could do nothing except worry, my mind issued a stern reminder, "Don't panic."  I immediately thought, yeah;  that's today's mantra.

Urges to panic and crumple under pressure had me sitting upright, my seat's edge creasing my ass, this morning.  There were a lot of reasons to panic in one sense.  Geo planners who whittled away the summer and the time in which to plan and act were only now taking an interest in the things that needed to be done.  Yes, now, when time was running out and they were asking questions that we'd answered months ago one, two, three, four times - want to see the emails?  Want to check the meeting notes?  

So -- panic wouldn't help.  

The Gingerbear King was injured, too, and in the dark, I thought about rushing him down to the closest animal hospital, pivoting through locations and options in my mind, calculating what needed to be done while running through my schedule and projects in my mind.  There was the supply chain - say, can we get your forecast for next quarter by Monday?  Thanks so much.  Thirty seven new parts created to address the China issue that now needed to be explained to the support team and geos.  None of them would be happy.  Ongoing issues about sorting through the repair processes and figuring out what's what, what's where, what's coming and going, and all the things that needed documenting so that others could read and understand, because so much of this is knotted up in my tiny little head -- yes, I said tiny little, although I loathe such language.  

Tiny little.  Big huge.  Thinking in my head.  Thinking to myself.  Remembering to myself.  These are the phrases that turn me into a growling bear.

Sorry for the detour.  Just part of the day's angst and my general mood.  Such days like these, when the world seems flat and everything is falling off the edge, I become grittier, more determined.  

Don't panic. 

Once I found that mantra and tuned myself to it, the day became golden.  Thankfully I found it early.  There might be things going wrong.  I would take care of what I could and accept what I could not.  Much is beyond my reach.  

There is no need for panic.

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Would you stop reading my

Would you stop reading my mind? 

It seems we have parallel mantras the past few days.

I spent the day with fourth graders. It was a great way to put my worries into perspective!


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Fourth Graders, OMG ~

Don't know if I could handle that at all.  I think I'd need a drink to help my mantra find footing.  

I've noticed that strange parallel path as well.  I suspect others are riding that same wave as us, but don't feel our desire to share.  

Thanks for reading and commenting, Annette.  Cheers