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Today's Mantra ~ Behold

I search for mantras for different reasons.  Sometimes, perhaps many times -  I've not done the math - I seek balance.  Storming seas manage my moods, crashing me on the beach, carrying me out on seas of exhileration, drowning me with frustration.  

Othertimes, I'm looking for discipline or energy.  Left foot, right foot, the longest journey begins with a single step, a sentiment that I can't improve.  Sometimes I'm reinforcing my will, remembering who I am and what I want to do with myself and my time.  

Today's mantra came from those crossroads of needs.  Behold, the sticks deliver when I shake them.  Behold.

Back when I made the sticks, some mantras seemed self-evident.  They were words and concepts worn with my many visits.  

Behold is not one of them.  I just brainstormed words to put on the sticks besides my usual words and thoughts, trying to come up with words and concepts to help coax different thinking.

Behold!  It's a powerful word, echoing with drama, beauty, and mystical and religious overtones.  It's perfect for today.  It speaks to the past, present and the future.  That is ideal for a mantra in my world, for isn't the mantra from the place in the past and present from which I want to head for the future?  In simpler words, isn't the mantra from now?

Sure it is.  So behold, this is me, what I have done, and what I will do.