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Today's Mantra ~ Be the mountain

Ah, here is more navel gazing.

It's been a testing, trying week.

It's been wonderful.

I'm a mountain being created.  Mount Michael.

I learned much about myself this week and about the limits to control, and how to adjust and cope with those limitations.  

My balance was severely tested.  I sometimes failed to cope as well as I could.  It's good to fail.  Failing revealed as much about myself as succeeding has revealed.  

Mostly I learned that I can't absolutely control things.  No, I knew this before, but it's a lesson I needed to learn again.  I'm always re-learning the lessons I forget.

I needed to learn again that not be able to control and manage everything doesn't mean that all is lost.  I learned to be relaxed and less rigid after growing supremely rigid.  I learned that I'd forgotten the strengths in me.

Lot of it is paradigms.  I created operating paradigms for dealing with routine, everyday working and living.  Then I built schedules and expectations around them. This week the paradigms were tested, and schedules and expectations fell apart.  New paradigms were quickly needed so I could rebuild schedules and expectations.  

It's been a long time since my comfy existence was challenged like this.  I'd forgotten it could be like that.  It shook me because I thought I was master of my domain.

Yes, I am master of my domain but everything can't be mastered and controlled.  Hell, most things can't be mastered and controlled.  All I can do is manage their influences on me, re-adjust and set a new course. 

That's the key that I learned:  be ready to adjust perspectives and change course.  Accept temporary detours.  They don't need to be a permanent change if I adjust my paradigms.

Nature's forces and pressures create mountains.  They rise above the landscape.  

That's today's mantra:  be the mountain.  Don't let the trickle of irritations, frustrations and setbacks reduce me.  Let the pressures and forces build me up.  Let me rise above the landscape.  

Let me be the mountain.