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Tis The Damn Season

Walking home in the dark this evening, I noticed that people are decorating their homes in the Christmas way out here on America's west coast in the Siskyou Mountains.  They're pretty even though the temperature is hovering around the mid 40s and there isn't any snow.  They take me back, of course.

So do other things, like television commercials, pitching children's gifts.  They appeal to the child in me.  

All of this forces me to address my dichotomies. I dislike much of our consumer oriented culture where we spend so much time and money to improve our buying experiences and increase our range of toys while people needlessly suffer.

But I like toys.

As I thought about Christmases past, I remember four favorite gifts.  Those four gifts, given four different years, really brought me fun and pleasure.  I hadn't asked for any of them, yet somehow my Mom knew me and bought them for me, taking me completely by surprise.  

And they were great.  

So I temper my cynicism and dismay.  Who knows what stories will be crafted out there by people receiving unexpected gifts?  The gifts they receive may temper and change their lives.  

They may even make them smile in memory as they walk home in the dark, decades later.

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Michael, My favorite memories


My favorite memories are of giving my children a gift they did not expect, or did not specifically ask for, yet it brought much pleasure. I loved seeing their faces light up in surprise and delight.

Thanks for bringing back that memory to brighten my sick and gloomy day.


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Sorry to hear of a sick and gloomy day, Annette ~

You know as I wrote that blog, I can see my Mom's face watching me open my gifts and seeing her face light up.  She loves giving gifts to her children and making us happy.

In the course of aging, I sometimes begin too wrapped up in myself, and forget all that my Mom has done for me.  Thanks for the gentle prod.

Hope you recover soon.  Cheers

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Christmastime seems a

Christmastime seems a constant struggle between cynicsm and cheer. I root for cheer to win out, and it often does.

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Well written, Jodi ~

I root for joy and cheer to win, and it usually does.  Nice to savor that period when that happens.  

Thanks for reminding me.  Cheers