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Three Days, Two Nights

We're planning a trip to Bend, Oregon.  It won't be much, just three days and two nights.

We do expect adventures.

Not having ever been to Bend, we're looking forward to it.  Oregon is the sixth state my wife and I have adopted as home.  We've never done as well as we should in exploring our adopted states.  Each time we move, we vow to be better. 

So we've been exploring Oregon.  Starting with Ashland, we explored our little piece of southwest Oregon.  Then we expanded the familiarization tour to Portland – which we greatly enjoy - and the I5 corridor - Grants Pass, Roseburg, Eugene, Corvallis and Salem. 

Since I love the ocean, we headed for the coast after that, working our way along 101 through different towns, staying a few nights at several. In fact, Astoria, up by the mouth of the mighty Columbia River, is the site of my favorite stay in Oregon. We added a few outdoor attractions, such as the gorgeous and amazing Crater Lake (and Wizard Island), Table Rock and Pilot Rock, Mount Grizzly, and Lake of the Woods.

Now we're heading for a brief taste of Bend.  It has a high reputation among our friends.  We're pretty excited.  Bend has a population of about 76K with 171K living in the metro area. Three and a half hours from Ashland, it's home to the Mirror Pond and Deschute Brewery and a few pubs, book stores and coffee houses.  Incorporated as a city in 1905 after being the site of logging operations, Bend sits at an elevation of 3100 feet.  It's home to many outdoor activities, like hiking and white water rafting, but we don't plan to do either on this visit.  As I say, it's a familiarization visit.

Volcanos fascinate me.  Oregon has a number of extinct and dormant volcanos and their remains, including Crater Lake.  Bend is home to an extinct volcano, one of three US cities in the lower 48 that has an extinct volcano in its city limits and features a cinder tower and lava tubes.  If time permits, we’re going to visit Sisters as well.  If not, it’s just three and a half hours away.

Like I say, I'm looking forward to it.  Hopefully my time there will allow me to do some writing.  What's a vacation without a little time to write, right?  But I’m looking forward to expanding knowledge of Oregon, spending a few nights away with my wife – and visiting Deshutes Brewery Pub House and tasting a few ales.


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What a wonderful scenery

What a wonderful scenery description! Enjoy your vacation, Michael.

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Thank you, Katherine ~

I think your descriptions of London and Norwich inspired me.  Thank you for stopping by and commenting.  Cheers, m