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This Character

I know this characther is now male.  He was born genetically male but as his society dictated, he was required to be female once and give birth.  He didn't like being female and optioned a return to being male as soon as he could.  He's never gone back to being female.

He prefers heterosexual sex as a male with a female partner but he likes her to be dominant.   He doesn't care if his female partners were previously male. It's normal for them to be male at some time in their life.  

He was born in a lower middle class family.  As his mother and father weren't citizens, he was given up to be raised by the corporate state.  Showing unremarkable skills and talents, he joined the military when he was sixteen and made a career of it.  He worked up the enlisted ranks, became a citizen and then became an officer, eventually making Colonel.  Retiring from the military, he was pursuing a new career as a sculptor working in metals when his old Commanding Partner came to him with the invitation to join an expedition to Earth aboard the Stellar Queen. 

As a soldier, he was killed and resuscitated ninety-nine times, the legal limit for a soldier, which is what forced his retirement.  Any memories that could be construed as secret have been removed from his Mind.  He remembers most of his deaths but little else of his military life.  He does remember his childhood.

He adores the Commanding Partner, Bogey, and sometimes fantasized about having homosexual sex with him but never pursued it nor spoke of it.

As a woman, he gave birth to a daughter that he surrendered to the state without naming her.  

As a man, he sired two sons and four daughters, people that he never met. 

He is now one hundred and five.  As he aged, he learned that although he has all of his hormones intact, he's less interested in sex and drinking than he used to be.  He doesn't understand why.  

Now, onboard the Stellar Queen, he's been given access to the training and knowledge to captain an ancient starship.  He's being forced to eat food that is cooked instead of compiled, and wear clothes that are not compiled.  He's coping with a new society where the food is being grown on the ship, where his Mind's capabililities are limited by the ship's systems.  Food was always energy and nutrition sources to him;  now he's learning to taste, and he's learning what he likes - and what he doesn't like.  All the food is alien to him; he's suspicious of it.  

He's suspicious of people, too.  Everyone he knew, including the man and women with whom he had children, were military personnel.  All he's known is the military and those memories are almost all gone.  He's being forced to learn so much about himself and his new world onboard this ship, but also about his friend and boss, Bogey, and their secret mission to Earth.  

The more he learns, the more suspicious he becomes.  There are too many gaps about what he doesn't know.