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The Writing Night

Thunder awoke us at three something, the something acquiring definition as eighteen after I'd been awake for several minutes.  I'd not expected thunderstorms so these were an unexpected visitor. 

The night's dark throat opened and out came the rain.  Rising, I circulated around the house closing windows and then went out onto the porch to listen, smell and judge the amount. Heavy it came, already refreshing.  I returned within and turned off the sprinklers scheduled to run in the morning. Back in bed, my wife and I talked a bit. I massaged her back.  Snores soon slipped out of her.  My Writer emerged. 

I've been reading and enjoying Carr's Killing Time and thinking about his spin on creating reality through science, manipulating information, world opinions and tensions.  From there I drifted into thinking about the chapter I'd just finished and inserted.  Although she's not named in the the chapter, this was Sra Lhasa's first star turn.  Earlier chapters had featured her as a side show to Mannell's turn.  Sra Lhasa spoke to me about the chapter, clarifying some things that needed to be added regarding the Devil and science, and changes about her impressions of Randy.  I kept mind notes but wasn't worried about losing them.  It all seemed clear.

After she finished, I picked up with Stiltman and Mannell.  Stiltman pointed out that he needed to have another chapter, essentially about his 'other' life (his existence is in four part harmony).  He didn't offer clear details about what was needed to be written but the gist.  The details will arrive when I sit down.  Mannell then picked up discussion of the story line, pointing out the flaw with what I thought was going to happen, elaborating why it wouldn't happen and what he would instead do. 

It all made sense before I fell asleep.  Awakenin a short time later, I remembered it all and went in and typed up Sra Lhasa's changes before I showered and started work.  They were the simplest to incorporate.  Later, between meetings, I thought more about Stiltman's changes.  They began growing, sprouting tangents and new insights. 

Mannell's piece will be more difficult.  It's cloudier and requires more action from Stiltman.  I see it so I know what is to happen, and hear them, but capturing the nuances and details in words is another matter. 

But the way has been shown.  Time to write like crazy.