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The Writing Month

September has ended but my month of writing like crazy has not. October is a new month! It's another chance to write like crazy! Woo hoo!

It's exclamation day!  Woo hoo!!!

Where are Jake Jarmel and Elaine Benes?

I didn't write as much as I wanted in September although I wrote quite a large amount. Thinking it over, I realize how often my day and energy is sliced and diced by others' demands.  Those interruptions disrupt my imagination and creative flow.

That's because I let them.

It's not actually the interruption that causes me problems;  it's my emotional response and my inability to pick up where I was and continue.  Yet, that should be something that I can train myself to overcome. 

So I'm trying things to get to that point. First, don't let myself be frustrated when an interruption arrives. Stay calm! Don't panic!!


Then take a moment after the interruption to acknowledge that it happened. Breath deep and open myself up.


I think the worst aspect are my expectations. I haven't been able to return to what I was doing in the past when an interruption ocurred. So I've created a law of diminishing expectations by which I lived, letting it control me - letting emotions control me - instead of mastering myself!!!

Don't you love these exclamation points? Do you enunciate them differently? Do they change your expectation of what was read, and its meaning?


Identifying this problem in me, I'll now set out to create a law of increasing expectations. 

Why not???

Meh, question marks don't work as well as exclamation points.

Here's to another day of writing like crazy, another week, another month, another year!!! Here's to a life of writing like crazy!!!

Here's to getting more writing published.

No sweat.


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Sigh, I'm with you all the

Sigh, I'm with you all the way on this--distractions galore and only myself to blame!  Some days the words just flow and other days, it's awful.  Good luck on getting more things published, Michael--actually it's not really "luck" but lots of blood, sweat and darn hard work!! AND less distractions!!

Cheers, J

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Thank you, J ~

Luck is always an interesting component, isn't it? I think we have to create our own luck, by writing like crazy and submitting like mad, ignoring the distractions - oooooooommmmm!!!! - until we finally succeed.

Then we start again.

Is there something wrong with us?

Luck to both of us, to all of us.  Thanks for reading and commenting. Cheers

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Nope--nothing wrong with us

Nope--nothing wrong with us at all.  We're just determined to prove--and we have--that we are Writers and we can Write--darn tootin'!     :) J