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The Writing Day

Words flew like bullets at Fallujah today.  Not much more to say about it.  I love writing.  I've been having great writing sessions and enjoying it. Not sure if that's a norm or an expectation or exception.  Fun, though.

My wife and I were talking about goals. She hasn't had goals for a while and that leaves her drifting.  

My writing provides goals on multiple levels.  Goals, objectives, whatever you want to call them, include finishing a scene, story, novel, searching for agents, publishing outlets and improving my writing.  I'm always living to write more.  

Now --

A cat has arrived.  He has a goal of getting on my lap and getting some good loving, signifying his intention by purring, bunting my hand with his head and swishing his tail in my face.  

I'll oblige him.  I have an ongoing goal of showing my cats how much I love them.  It's one of many goals I have. 

They all keep me going.