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The Writing Day

Another one of those writing days when it comes out like I've opened the spigot on my imagination.  It just poured out of me, fifteen hundred words in an hour, plus some editing.  Again, I didn't want to stop, and again, I must.  

My wife seems down.  She has pretty good reason.  Besides dealing with the chronic problems of her RA, she had developed a severe cold.  Her coughing began Thanksgiving week, increasing each day through the beginning of December.  It finally is almost gone but there seems to be side effects of an extremely sore rib.

She loves exercising, and this rib injury left her unable to go to the gym.  Hell, she can't laugh, cough or sneeze without groaning and wincing with pain.  

All of that has left her down so I want to get her out of the house.  To do that, we're going to go see "Lincoln" at the movies.   So I need to shut down, haul ass, and get home in time to turn around and drive into town.  

Still, great writing day.  I'll carry that with me.

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was great, wasn't it. Give your wife my best, hope the RA eases, and keep writing, Michael.

Happy holidays!

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Yes ~

Writing about "Lincoln" in another post - or thinking writing about it.  Certainly a gripping story that kept me waiting, even though we know the outcome.  Thanks for your best wishes, Bob.

Hapy holidays to you as well.  Cheers, M