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The Writing Day

The snow has stopped.  Things are melting out there.  

I loved walking through the snow to The Beanery for my writing outing.  It wasn't cold.  The snow bestowed a peaceful flavor to the day and kept traffic volume low. I only ran into three other pedestrians on my way, including one woman pushing a bicycle.  All were friendly and courteous.  I thought of us as a band of snow wanderers, kindred spirits in inclement weather.

The writing day went well, words piling up until fifteen hundred were reached and it was time to move on.  Some days when I write, I'm impatient about how long it takes to translate the scenes I see and here into the words streaming out of my head and a coherent story.  This was one of those days.  Although I typed like crazy, I just can't keep up with its pace.  I'm so close to finishing this and I can see those final scenes to put in. It frustrates me.

Back to work and spreadsheets and some procedures and processes documents that require updating.  Ah, tedious stuff, this stuff of business.

It's not nearly as fun as writing like crazy.