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The Writing Day

Everyone is familiar with chain reactions, right?  Movie with Keanu Reeves?  

Yes, that's not what I'm thinking about.

I'm considering the chain reactions that forge links that hold us back.  Make a mistake, forge a link.  The best folks in different areas seem better able to cope with these links.  They break them or shrug themselves free.  

I'm trying to become one of those people.  I can go long periods of shrugging things off and slipping these surly bonds but then I find I've pent up the energy.  I haven't really shrugged off the links or escaped them.  I've just deferred their impact.  

If you want, you can relate like this:  you're living a great life, dining out, doing things, buying the latest cars and toys, traveling, but you're doing it all on credit cards.  You haven't been paying so they're going to come due.

So, ignoring them but letting the pressures rise isn't the answer.  I've learned that on my intellectual level but not on my emotional level.  But I'm trying.  I'm trying.

Meanwhile, I'm beginning the writing day.  Edited and revised eighteen pages of the rejected story enroute to finishing the process and resubmitting it.  Have fourteen remaining.  This time I'm not setting it aside to be uber cautious - that just enables me to fret and brood.  Screw that.  See, I'm not letting that link form.  No more chains.  I acknowledged my frustration and despair, though, and dispensed with it.  Now I'm moving on.  

It's easy to do when you're a mountain.  

That's me, Mount Michael. 

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Well, Mount Michael, First, I

Well, Mount Michael,
First, I have to say: On behalf of ADD'ers everywhere, it would help us if you didn't reference any men-we-lust-after at the beginning of your posts.  I ended up having to read the first three paragraphs twice.  Okay, okay, fine! Three times. I had to read the first three paragraphs three times!

Second, might I suggest a pint or two of limoncello to either grease the chains removal or, to help you never to have noticed there were any chains to begin with.

Third, screw caution.  Audacity kicks Caution's ass every time.

Happy editing! You're more than halfway home!

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Hah Ha!

Great response.  Sorry about the misdirection, having a bit of fun.  Pints of limoncello?  I'm sorry but won't two pints burn the hair off my head?  Lord knows it's already immigrating out fast enough.  I have some here in the house.  It's a friend's favorite.  It'd definitely take care of those chains.  I worry about the next day, though. 

I agree with your summation.  After editing today, I still had some editing to be done because I added pages of dialogue.  Screw it, I decided.  Be audacious.  And then, there was your comment, encouraging me to go on.  Clearly it's a sign from the Editing Gods.

Thanks for reading and commenting -- and the suggestions.  Cheers