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The Writing Day

This is a writing day gifted to me by fate.  

We were originally to be traveling today but our Thanksgiving plans changed.  Now we're staying home. For today, there is no agenda.  

Now, the danger is that my significant other will return from her exercise class and want to 'do something' because she knows I'm off.  And while I love her dearly and we have fun together, I want to take advantage of this window to go write.  Therefore, I need to get out of the house and get me down to the coffee shop with all my writing gear.  

It's an exciting writing day because I have no other agenda except to write.  Yesterday's writing stopped at such a moment that I already knew what else is to happen next so I expect it to be easy to pick up and continue relaying what's going on in the story.  It's fun, too, because while I know this next scene, the story keeps adding unexpected layers and twists.  

That's a delightful part of writing fiction. Where do these twists come from?  Well, they come from immersing myself in the characters, story and setting.  As I try to portray what's going on with the characters et al, I'm trying to think like them. In thinking like them, I quit thinking as myself.  Then, boom, suddenly, because I'm thinking like someone else, I'm surprised by their reactions and conclusions.  I see and hear things as the characters that I don't see for myself as a person.  That process just fascinates me.  The human mind really a marvel.

Now it's posthaste out of here.  I figure I have twenty minutes to be out the door and down the street to begin the writing day.