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The Writing Day

Yesterday's writing day was another day of frustration, which resolved into a good learning experience and lesson.

I left the house to begin the writing day at 3:45 PM. I'd worked through the day, crossing things off my lists.  Now I was ready to write.

It was cold, growing dark, and raining. I decided to drive. I'm pleased I did.  There was no room at The Beanery. Gadzooks!  Every table was full.  While I was pleased for them that they had the business, I was dismayed by my own ill fortune.  I'd been looking forward to my Mexican.  I've gone three weeks since I've last had one.

Second choice, because it's close and has a pretty good writing vibe:  Starbucks.  Gadzooks!  It, too, was full to capacity.  What madness has taken over, that all these people seek shelter from the cold rain in a warm place with a hot beverage?

Oh, wait.

My mind churned through other options.  Key of Cee has closed down. So has the Apple Cellar.  The Roasting Company closes at three.  Noble's closes at five.  Cafe Boulevard has a bad ambiance, the Hardwired Cafe was already closed.  Water Street Cafe is a lovely place but it has only outdoor seating.  That leaves Bloomsbury's, and the other two Starbucks.  One of them is in a store, and the other is a small place with little space.  Bloomsbury's, a great place for books and reading, hasn't been a friend to my writing in the past.  

We just don't have enough coffee houses in this town.

Back home I went.  

I settled on a poor man's mocha, coffee mixed with mint hot chocolate, pulled out the notebook and wrote away.  After a few pages, I reverted to the computer and wrote and edited.  

The experience was a reminder, I'm on a journey.  While I have preferences about the road I take, it's the destination that needs to stay in mind.  Adjust and adapt.  Persist.  Persevere.  

Press on regardless.