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The Writing Day

Best thing about traveling on your own is that, for a writer, you're on your own, but among people and situations you can observe.  For me, this is the perfect stimulation for generating ideas and stories and thinking about the work in progress.

Came to a painful decision about the story I'd just finished writing:  I missed the mark.  10,000 words, and I missed.  The story is still there but it eluded my grasp.

Yes, I have a story and it tells a tale in pretty interesting ways but I'm trying to strive to exceed 'pretty interesting'.  How many stories a day are written?  Once written, how many are submitted or find publication? 

Most of the stories written are 'pretty interesting'.  But this is when writing becomes a competition.  In that vast sea of stories, I want to write stories people will remember.  It's not enough that I find it enjoyable.

So, major re-write required. 

Gotta get moving.  Need to exercise, dress, write, and go visit with family.  This is a day that The Writer wants.  We're alone and he wants to dive back into that story.  But he is part of a man, and must remember, we came here to wish Dad happy birthday.