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The Writing Day

The writing day yesterday was another delight exploring words and writing stories, although the world didn't necessarily support me in my efforts.

The computer’s Monday blues continued Monday night as unrest spread from the computers and the internet to cable television.  Since we use voice over Internet protocol for our telephone service, we also had no phone.

No Internet. No television. No telephone.

The Jetsons meet the Flintstones.

It had no impact on the writing day, except I like background noise when I write.  Sitcoms are ideal for this:  noise without substance.  

Actually, my preference is a coffee shop's sounds.  The overheard conversations, witnessed moments and passing traffic all stimulate me.  Sitcoms are second, with streaming KFOG as third. KFOG is dangerous, though, as sometimes the music catches me up and lifts me out of the writing.  

Movies, good or bad, fail as a background sound, as do other television shows.  For that matter, bad sitcoms don't work. Neither do sports. I have a short attention span so anything with the ability to draw me in does not work.  Bad movies and television become the worst distraction as I started watching it and consider the ways that I think it's bad, and then google the movie to see when it came out, who was behind it, and how my thoughts about the movie compares to reviews.  Then, I change channels.  

She who sometimes interrupts was out with friends to the theater last night, so I put music on the stereo.  How long has it been since I've used that word?  Stereo.  I remember when quadraphonics came out, along with Dolby noise reduction and surround sound.  I used to pursue information about hiss and flutter and signal to noise ratio, and turn table materials and arm construction and design.  Now I have no vinyl.

Anyway, I selected the blues block, set the volume low and selected shuffle mode.  Some songs still came through, as the block is a set of my twenty-five favorite non-live blues CDs;  another block has the live blues CDs.  Live is more energetic, and I didn't want that for my background writing noise.  

Then I wrote, working on the current short stories and novel in the rotation.  The latter continues as an exercise in pursuing that one thread of change but...I...did...polish. Just a few paragraphs, mind you. 

So lack of Internet connectivity little affected my writing day.  When I finished, though, I couldn't catch up on Red Room and email, make travel plans or do research.  So then...I was forced...to read....

Fortunately my neighbors are away.  They've asked us to pick up their newspaper, so I perused it.

Did you know there's some kind of election coming up?