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The Writing Day

Another writing day has been completed, another day of pleasure, progress and satisfaction.

Fall is asserting itself.  Leaves are donning new colors, back of their back to winter preparation.  My walk was enjoyable and the coffee shop was strangely quiet and empty when I arrived. I set up and began working.

Most early morning work was on "Ghosts of Ashland."  Again, the story surprised me as I wrote it, becoming something that I never envisioned. I thought of one beginning and end, then expanded my thinking and a new story trickled down into me. 

Yes, I submit to the trickle down theory of writing. 

Later, I turned back to my novel, "Peerless." I'd discovered a logic gap, found a solution and plugged it into a scene. But that was the first step and not the last.  After that, I had to follow the thread through the story. I discovered several knots. One was particularly knotted. I spent some time unknotting it and then beginning to re-tie the scene.  No sweat, though. It's become a more satisfying story through this process. 

In a sense, every novel I write has been a mystery novel because I'm trying to learn what happened and what happens next. Scenes are knotted together but readers shouldn't see them as knots, but a story's complications of plot and life, and a character's growth. 

So another day of writing closes and I return to work tomorrow.  It was a great weekend a lovely day of writing. I'm looking forward to many, many more.